Dear Business Partners,

Since its establishment in 1971, Dorak Tour has differentiated itself from its peers by the professionalism of its team, quality and speed of service, absolute reliability of our brand-name and our passion for excellence.

Dorak has a wide service range that covers standard as well as customized programs including cultural and special-interest tours, tailor-made excursions, round-trips, pilgrimage tours, golfing holidays as well as additional services such as wellness, SPA & thalasso therapy, cruising and rafting tours. Our exceptional service portfolio enables us to fit in the varying requirements of international and local customers. In addition to travel management services, our company is also experienced in organizing international business meetings and seminars.

For over 40 years we have developed systems to facilitate the provision of travel programs. Thanks to our infrastructure and our processing capacity we offer exceptional service standards to our customers and business partners. Thus, Dorak is known for the quality and efficiency of its services in the industry.

While we celebrate our 41st year in the market, we would like to express our gratitude to our local and international business partners and our co-workers for their valuable collaboration and continuous support.

Dorak Tour Management Team